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Research Profile LUC

Research Profile LUC
Employee Name Dr. Sandeep Poddar
Employee ID T0070
Gender Male
Contact Details 913322271266
Date of Joining 15/03/2010
Department Research and Innovation Department
Designation Senior Research Director
Job Type Academic
Academic Experience 13 Years 9 Months
Highest Qualification Phd
Academic Awards http://hdl.handle.net/10603/172735
H-Index 6
Citation 123
ORCID 0000-0001-9771-877X
Scopus ID 21335539800
Researcher ID
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Research Cluster

Sl.NoResearch ClusterSub Research ClusterExpertise
1 Applied Science Biology Genetics, Molecular Biology, Toxicology

Sl.NoTitleRoleJournalYearDOIView Upload
1 Proceedings of International Conference on Allied Health Sciences Author ISBN 978-967-10937-1-9 2012 1899-01-01 View
2 Exploring the role of stem cells in cancer therapy Co-Author Malaysian Journal of Nursing 2011 1899-01-01 View
3 Prevalence of CYP1A1 and GST polymorphisms in the population of northeastern India and susceptibility of oral cancer Co-Author Oncology research 2009 1899-01-01 View
4 GST & CYP Polymorphism Related to Tea Drinking and Oral Pathology Co-Author International Journal of Human Genetics 2008 1899-01-01 View
5 Anemia and hemoglobinopathies in tribal population of Eastern and North-eastern India. Co-Author Hematology 2006 1899-01-01 View